Neitsoft develops and publishes quality software products designed to Internet, secure, protect, maintain and otherwise enhance a computer users experience. The Neitsoft team is lead by veteran software developers, business executives and marketing professionals. All our software is carefully developed for top performance and the lowest consumption of computer resources possible.

Our philosophy runs counter to the current trend in the computer software industry, where users are presented with buggy, over-hyped software with useless features.


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USB Backup

Automatic USB Backup & Synchronize

Insert any USB drive (USB memory key or USB hard drive) into your computer and the software will Backup or Synchronize your files automatically - no clicks or keystrokes needed.

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backup and sync software for Windows. It automatically analyses,sync or backup your important data to the same drive, Networks Places, USB drives, and Windows Mobile devices, as well as remotely through FTP and SFTP.

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livebackupnow Live Backup Now

Real-time and continuous file backup software for user endpoints and file servers. It automatically backs up your most critical files the moment they are saved. Captures every save of a file when it occurs and protect against corruption, file loss.It allows you to restore data to any point in time in CDP mode (continuous data protection).
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USBsyncer is an easy to use file sync, move and backup software. It automatically analyses, sync, move or backup your important data between USB drives and Computers. The USBsyncer also provide comprehensive executed schedule options, all jobs can be executed in intervals, daily, weekly, monthly, year, etc.

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Duplifinder is a powerful all-in-one file management tool to find and remove all kind of duplicate files from your folders, hard disk, removable drive or network drives. Deletes duplicate email, contacts, notes, tasks from Microsoft Outlook folders. Compare, synchronize, move or delete your files or folders, also provides the ability to delete all junk files from your computer.

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Outlook Sync & Backup 

Outlook Sync & Backup is a very useful tool for Microsoft Outlook that can be used for two different scenarios. One, to make a backup of your Outlook data on your USB storage device so you can access the data on a remote PC, or two, to synchronize your Outlook data between different PCs (e.g. between your desktop, laptop and netbook).

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